Our client’s success is fundamentally important to BlueViewConsulting© and we believe that there are 4 pillars that are required for the successful delivery of the desired business outcomes.

Business Expertise

We have an extended network of skilled associates with over 80 years of business expertise in Strategy development, Negotiation, Material & Service Sourcing, Inbound & Outbound Logistics, Continuous Improvement, Planning, Customer Service, Product Innovation, Change Management, Project and Programme Management.


Consulting represents a personal process between individuals working together to solve a problem. To be successful, partnerships are therefore fundamental and require the investment of the right time and the right resources of all stakeholders.


The challenges faced are generally complex and finding the right solution requires following a pragmatic and systematic approach. blue_ocean_strategy®is our framework for strategy development and "LEAN Concepts" is our continuous improvement methodology used to achieve competitive performance for your business.

Project Management

The discipline and the enabler that essentially ensures on-time and within budget delivery of all planned activities, identification and mitigation of project risks, managing availability of people and resources, identification of decisions points, decision makers and is generally a great way of communicating progress to all stakeholders.

How do you as client engage BlueViewConsulting©?

As client your requirements can be based on:

u  Best practised assessment – Evaluate and recommend areas for improvement e.g. planning, manufacturing, procurement and route-to-market.

v  Achieving a desired outcome – Deliver an improvement in a key business drivers e.g. inventory, margins, service levels and asset utilisation.

w  An ambition that requires direction – Develop a winning strategy e.g. business, portfolio, route-to-market, supply and innovation.


After contacting us we will lead you through a well-defined 5 stage process that seeks to deliver the pragmatic solution that BlueViewConsulting© is committed too.


u  Initial introduction and requirement definition

v  Alignment behind project scope and desired outcomes ending with final project proposal acceptance

w  Project governance set-up and team formation

x  Execution of project within a project managed environment

y  Review project deliverables and final project closure

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