Principal Consultant Gary Ballentine 5


Mr Ballentines an internationally experienced board level executive who has impacted businesses across the full value chain in several industries. In addition, he has served on various business audit and risk committees. He has extensive hands-on experience in building integrated supply chains and technologyenabled solutions. He is an action-oriented, growth-driven business professional with a successful track record in generating shareholder value through the implementation of transformational strategies.


MrBallentine has a reputation for bold thinking, supported by the right levels of financial rigour. His ability to deliver has brought about breakthrough performance for companies he has worked for.


Mr Ballentine’s significant time spent as a business leader (and a long-standing principal member of the Scheme) has provided him with valuable perspectives to be able to make a huge contribution as a Trustee of the Discovery Health Medical Scheme.


If he is elected to the Board of Trustees, his focus will be in the following areas:

  • ensuring the growth of the Scheme through contributing to the development and refining of its strategic positioning as South Africa’s foremost private healthcare funder. conducting engagements with stakeholders to grow the membership of the Scheme and the benefits its members receive
  • keeping member contributions at a level acceptable to its membership base
  • assisting in building onto the customer service engagement offering that will aid in the reduction of the total cost to serve
  • be part of the process that finds ways to minimise cost escalation whilst ensuring continuity of benefits to its members,
  • representing members’ interests in all stakeholder engagements, continuous identification of business risks and
  • ensuring there are plans in place to effectively mitigate the identified risks and maintaining a holistic view of the Scheme’s core purpose.


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